About Us

Farm Hero was born out of CSS Signs. CSS have been manufacturing Health and Safety signs for many years and for a wide range of industries and community sectors. The farming sector has been subject to intense focus in recent years because of the number of deaths and injuries compared to other industries. Farming organisations and the Health and Safety Authority all recognise the unique problems faced by the farming sector, as farms are not only businesses and workplaces but are also homes for families and children. Children also help out in many farm activities and the farm becomes an extended playground for them and their friends.

We believe if you can engage with children and teach them while young the lessons will stay with them for the future. We saw a need to talk to them on their level through stories, characters, posters and signs. Safety signs are continuous reminders aimed at influencing behaviours and have been significant in helping reducing accidents and deaths in other workplaces. We believe if they are engaging and appealing they will help increase the child’s safety awareness and change behaviours as they grow.