My Story

Hi, I am Farm Hero

I live on the farm with my mam and dad, my little sister and my granddad. When I was very young I loved to explore the farm alone, looking for adventure. I saw the farm as a big playground; climbing on bales, going in to the animals and playing near water. My dad and granddad love the farm too and are often very busy working from early morning till late at night as there is so much work to be done.

One day I was playing on the farm, climbing near a barrel of water when my foot slipped. I managed to jump away from the barrel and land on the ground. I got such a fright, I could have fallen into the barrel and drowned. When I hit the ground I saw a flash of light and after this I gained a special power of Laser Vision. My laser vision helps me see the dangers for children on the farm. I wanted to tell other children about the dangers so they can all be safe and enjoy life on the farm. So with my special ‘Farm Safety Signs’ I will remind you of the dangers on the farm. When you see me remember the dangers and stay safe.

Visit more websites where you can find information on farm safety for children and adults: